Regional Sales Managers Map

Are you looking for aggre­ga­tes for your gar­den, you have a com­pa­ny and you are inte­re­sted in part­ner­ship — cho­ose your region and call us.
We will advi­se you on the cho­ice — you are more than welcome.

Michał Laskow­ski

Nor­thern Region: Pro­vin­ce Pome­ra­nian, War­mian-Masu­rian, Kuy­avian-Pome­ra­nian, Lodz, West Pome­ra­nian, Gre­ater Poland

Tele­fon:  519 341 665

Szcze­pan Mochocki

Cen­tral region: pro­vin­ce Mazo­wiec­kie, Pod­la­skie, Świę­to­krzy­skie, Lublin, Les­ser Poland, Sub­car­pa­thian voivodships

Tele­fon: 519 341 664

Paweł Szlo­sek

South­re­gion: Lower Sile­sian, Opo­le, Lubusz and Gre­ater Poland Voivo­de­ships

Tele­fon: 519 341 656